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Our menu offers a unique fusion of Asian-inspired flavours that will satisfy the palates of ethnic food lovers, vegetarians and those seeking a healthy alternative to traditional fast-food.

At Indochine Banh Mi we offer fresh, healthy and delicious menu options and avoid using prepared ingredients. Our menu consists of traditional Vietnamese fare including Banh Mi (sandwiches), Pho (soup) and Bun (Rice Noodle Bowls). We also serve Asian fusion items such as such as Korean Tacos, Fusion Salads and Bubble Tea.

Our recipes are made from scratch, including our signature citrus mayonnaise, made with local free range eggs and freshly squeezed citrus juice.

While traditional Banh Mi are often stuffed with processed meats, we've opted for healthier fillings such as chicken breast, lean pork and beef, shrimp, organic tofu and other vegetarian protein choices like bean and lentil pate and veggie meatball.

We cut our own meats, make our own marinades and soup broths and prep our vegetables and herbs daily.

In keeping with our food philosophy, our Bubble Tea is a healthy version, made with real fruit and juice, rather than flavoured syrups and powders.

Locally sourced products are used where possible, including organic tofu and free range eggs from Acadiana Soy Product and baguettes supplied by a local bakery.

We offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. All menu items are available to eat in or take away and are prepared to order and ready to serve in less than five minutes.

Indochine Banh Mi Food
Indochine Banh Mi Food


1551 South Park Street
Sat & Sun12-7


902 407-1222